What’s happening?

You may think things have gone quiet, but it’s just because discussions are going on behind the scenes. So, a quick update:

On 24th June we went to talk to the Reigate Business Guild which represents local (mostly independent) traders. Obviously in these tough economic times they are very concerned about anything which threatens customer traffic to the town. They were highly supportive of the campaign to try to change the early evening parking restrictions.
(Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the picture featured on the Guild’s ‘about us’ page is of the Morrisons Car park?)
The Guild members are a wonderful bunch of people who should be applauded for making the town centre the welcoming place it is today – organising events, Christmas decorations, floral displays etc. If ever you have a chance to lend them your support please do. It’s just a shame that more of the national chains represented in the  town don’t get more involved too.

On 25th June we went to the Council Meeting to hear the Leader of the Council, Cllr Joan Spiers, make a statement regarding the issue. She acknowledged the local resident concern, as demonstrated through the petition, and gave the Council’s full commitment to further investigating what might be done.

On 2nd July the issue was also raised at the Executive Council meeting. More about this soon.

You’ve probably also seen continuing coverage in the Surrey Mirror, such as this heart-wrenching story: An 80-year-old was landed with a parking fine for leaving her car in a Morrisons disabled bay, despite having a blue disabled badge in her car.

People are also continuing to sign the petition, as more and more residents find themselves victims of this badly-designed system. We’re hearing reports that many people were confused by the ‘Free Parking in Reigate’ message for the recent Community Festival, and didn’t realise that Morrisons weren’t taking part in that.
If you’ve had a ticket as a result of parking during the festival do let us know, or just tell us about your other ticket nightmares!

One Response to “What’s happening?”

  1. R SOLOMON Says:

    i receved a tick for going shopping i usaly get a coffe and cake in the resturant ,before shopping im retired and not so quick on my feet, after that i take my time and shop in the store then igo back to the car to put my shopping away . i go back to the resturant and have my lunch. its a day out for me . i will not be rushed at my age iv been shopping in the morrisons for many years ,now im forced to get my shopping in asdas; as thay dont have such a strict policy on such a short time .many of my friends have said the same about the short time . thay will loose a lot of custom.good bye morrisons you have forced me to shop elseware.bad CUSTEMER RELATIONS.

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