October Update

Over the summer both the Reigate Business Guild and the Council wrote to Morrisons requesting that they amend the operating hours of their car parking system to lift all restrictions from 6 p.m.

Here are the letters exchanged:

Reigate Business Guild letter to Morrisons and the Reply from Morrisons

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council letter to Morrisons and the Reply from Morrisons

We’ll leave you to make your own evaluation, but we just have one question: Can’t Morrisons find anyone willing to do the decent thing and put a name/signature to their letters?


Meanwhile, if you’re not happy with Morrisons’ response, check out our What Else Can You Do section.

And, if like many residents, you’re discovering the are No More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons you might want to add your favourite ‘Morrisons-Free’ shopping tips.

3 Responses to “October Update”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Many thanks for the update; it’s good to see that the Council are doing all they can and disappointing, but not surprising, that Morrisons refuse to budge.

    What are the chances of seeing Morrisons’ statistics that show that the car park is ‘largely full’ between 1800 and 1900 Monday to Saturday?

  2. reigatian Says:

    We received a ticket – wrongly. Have a read of my blog: http://www.reigatian.wordpress.com to see how we get on with getting the fne overturned.

  3. John H Says:

    You are giving this bunch of scamsters too much credit
    NOTE – It is NOT, I repeat NOT a FINE. Only Councils, Police and Courts can issue these and what you have is an unenforceable invoice
    Their tactics are to scare you into paying an unreasonable sum of money for an alledged offence that assumes that you are

    a) the Driver (Not the owner/registered keeper)
    b) that you saw the notice and agreed to it
    c) that the amount on the invoice reflects a true loss to the land owner (it is a free car park so loss is £0.00)

    They operate under contract law NOT statute law hence the above are key issues on which any action would fail. They just hope you do not know this and pay up as you think you have done something wrong

    Have been through this scenario with other parking companies and all that contacting them does is increase the amount of threat mails and they think they have someone who is wavering. Ignore works well as they will give up after sending around 5 or 6 letters and invoices. Court will not happen as it would cost them too much and they are as you can see above on very shakey ground.

    As you are probably beginning to realise they do not have an appeals process or a customer (victim) service department. All they do have is a ‘lets mug the motorist’ department.

    You will receive more invoices from the PPC, another from a Debt Collector (PPC in disguise) and their Solicitors (Also the PPC in disguise)
    The amount will increase with all manner of imaginary charges

    IGNORE ALL – Charities need money more than these scamsters

    They operate as

    ParkingEye Ltd
    Head Office, 40 Eaton Avenue, Matrix Park, Buckshaw Village, Chorley PR7 7NA Registered Company 5134454
    Telephone 0845 456 6708 or cheaper 01772 450970
    FAX 01772 450979
    Telephone 0845 456 6708 or cheaper 01772 885800
    FAX 01772 885805

    And of course the real people behind this legalised theft operation is Morrisons who get a cut

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