Response from Morrisons

We sent Morrisons the petition on 15th June. On 17th June we received the following response:

Thanks very much for your email and I would like to take the opportunity to respond.
I would confirm that the current arrangements will provide for a short stay shoppers car park free of charge and will also make the car park available to members of the public at no charge outside store operating hours. It is agreed with our new patrol company that the camera’s will be switched off at 9pm and, bearing in mind customers are allowed two hours free of charge, in effect this means parking in excess of two hours will be available free of charge from 7pm.
Furthermore, it was never our intention to introduce any new control on overnight car parking and this has been reinforced with our discussions with our new patrol company. Where a Parking Charge Notice has already been issued relating to the use of the car park outside store opening hours, they will be cancelled / refunded at the earliest opportunity by our patrol company.
Can I stress the store have received a considerable amount of positive feedback regarding the control of the car park.
Kind Regards
Rob Darrington
Regional Estates Surveyor
Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

So this confirms what was previously stated by the store manager.  It’s still highly confusing though, and doesn’t address the main concerns about parking in the post 6 p.m. period. The new signs in the car park don’t make it clear that the cameras are still on until 9 p.m. so people are still getting unexpected fines under the ‘no return within 3 hours’ rule.


LOL at “Can I stress the store have received a considerable amount of positive feedback regarding the control of the car park.”  Actually there’s some positive feedback for the daytime restrictions on our own petition, but we’ve yet to meet anyone who supports the early evening restrictions when the car park is empty.

3 Responses to “Response from Morrisons”

  1. Gary Higginson Says:

    I see the response says, “will also make the car park available to members of the public at no charge outside store operating hours”, but note that parking before just 4pm on a Sunday, when the store closes, and staying more than two hours will land you with a parking charge demand.

    The charge demanded is clearly for time after the store was closed, which is inconsistent with the Mon-Sat times and not in keeping with the response statement above or the locally commonly understood belief that the car park should be free outside store opening hours.

    This is how we got caught recently, having shopped in Morrisons, leaving the store after 4pm and read the sign from a distance as far as the Sunday times of up to 4pm that the regulations apply within. We didn’t read further as assumed, I think reasonably, that the system was then inoperative, in keeping with the above response and understanding.

    The signs are certainly confusing and a trap for the unwary at present.

    I think either they should turn the cameras off at the end times shown or change the end times on the notice to when they’re turned off for clarity, i.e. 9pm Mon-Sat and 6pm Sunday.

    Better still, of course, would be to align with the petition request to turn them off at 6pm Mon-Sat and 4 pm Sunday for the good of the town’s evening trading, Morrison’s own trade (there is competition, don’t they know?!) and good community relations. Oh, and reduce the non-return time to 1 hour, perhaps.

    Gary Higginson, Redhill, possibly EX-Morrisons-customer

    • Gary Higginson Says:

      Update on the above post.

      We visited Morrisons today to discuss the charge with them and teh circumstances.

      The assistant deputy manager on duty, John Harriss, was very good, listened to us and offered to get the charge cancelled.

      He also advised us that there had been a meeting Friday between their estates manager, Parking Eye and the local council about the parking restrictions and signage. He wasn’t able to tell us what any outcome might be, but that to expect something to happen, and be announced in the Surrey Mirror when it is.

      Let’s hope it resolves all the issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

      Gary Higginson, Redhill

  2. JSalisbury Says:

    I have received two letters with platitudes from Morrisons after receiving a penalty notice for parking 2 or 3 minutes before 6pm and leaving just before 9pm. No offer of a refund either for the £40 they robbed from me.

    All Morrisons have indicated they will do is what the local authority is forcing them to do under their current planning regulations which they initially flouted with the new arrangement with Parking Eye. If Morrisons had any kind of decency they would own up to their mistake and restore the 6pm to 8am non restricted parking.

    Make no mistake. Morrisons have a long way to go before they satisfy my issues and many others. I continue to refuse to do my shopping there, but I still use the car park for my non-Morrisons shopping when I only need to park for under 2 hours. I don’t see any reason why I should respect their ‘Morrisons shoppers only’ wishes when they don’t respect ours. I urge others to do the same. Fill up their car park with non-Morrisons shoppers!!! That might teach them a lesson on how to treat customers properly.

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