What else can you do?

Many people are still deeply unhappy with the way the Morrisons Car Park is being operated and managed, and want to continue to express their anger and frustration.

So what else can you do?

Complain to the Reigate Store Manager In person, or telephone 01737 226218

Complain to Morrisons Head Office
Customer Services: 0845 611611      (Be aware though that you’ll probably just get brushed off with a ‘standard letter’)

Or e-mail the CEO: marc.bolland@morrisonsplc.co.uk
(you’ll still get booted over to Customer Services for the standard letter reply, but you never know, his PA may just get fed up and tell him to sort it out…)

And, of course,

Take your custom elsewhere
Many people have posted and e-mailed to tell us that they’re now doing this:

Jen says:
To be quite honest, the more I read and hear about this, the more I am convinced that the only way to deal with this is to completely boycott Morrisons supermarket. If we are all using the car park then we all have cars- so lets use Sainbury’s in Redhill or Tesco at Gatwick. The way Morrisons are treating their customers is really shabby and the only way they will get the message is to hit them in the pocket and their profits…

Sara says:
…haven’t been back to Morrisons since and if I do park there it will more than likely be to use other Reigate facilities rather than Morrisons.

Reigate has a wide range of other shops, and you will soon find there are No More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons – check out the wide variety of other places in Reigate meeting all your shopping needs.

2 Responses to “What else can you do?”

  1. John Hestletine Says:

    The car park is run as a scam and details of how to deal with the tickets it issues can be found here :


    Understand fully that what they do are NOT fines, NOT penalties and all they will send you are just unenforceable invoices which can be safely ignored

    The Private Parking Company is acting under contract law NOT statute law and by parking there it is assumed you have read the notice and agreed with it and this forms the contract. It is Morrisons Car Park and you are shopping in Morrisons. It is a free car park so the actual loss to the landowner is £0.00 so the rediculous sum of money the PPC / Scamsters want is out of proportion to loss of revenue.

    The other problem is that the contract is WITH THE DRIVER and they do not know who this is and so will send their invoices to the Rigistered Keeper who IS NOT LIABLE. They will try to intimidate you into paying this unjust and unenforceable charge but they know and hope you do not know that if they took it to court it would NOT stand up and they would loose. PPC’s rarely do court

    Only Councils, Courts and the Police can issue fines and penalties and hold the Registered Keeper responsible for them

    Vist http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/ for fulladvice on how to deal with these scams

  2. Andrew Humphrey Says:

    Got to agree completely to IGNORE the invoice on your screen.
    Letters will get threatening and then from solicitors and then from debt collection agency. IGNORE them all. Recycle that junk mail.
    As advise by the consumerforum. Letters may say they are instructing a debt collection agency etc bla bla county court judgement bla bla bla baliff etc etc bla bla. brose the website mentioned and come to your own conclusions or waste your hard earned cash. these scammers are probably living in nice big houses…..

    I am surprised the council were in talks with morrisons as surely they know they are unenforceable??? I was angry when I got a ticket, VERY angry so I googled and ended up on the consumerforum site and was still very sceptical but eventually convincd that I was being scammed by a well known PPC. I am laughing at the letters when they arrive and get more red ink and threats. tempted to reply as to where they can put it but more fun to let them think they can get money out of you so just ignoring them and laughing behind their backs… hee hee hee

    cah still in my wallet! think I will spend it for christmas……

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