The car park at 6pm – how busy is it?

The petition wants Morrisons to relax the parking restritions so that they don’t apply after 6pm. The restrictions they have imposed only make any sense if ordinarily the car park is full after 6pm.

So, just how busy is the car park at 6pm? We took a trip to find out. See the photos below. The reality is that the car park was at least half empty – so that means the parking restrictions make absolutely no sense!

5 Responses to “The car park at 6pm – how busy is it?”

  1. Day Says:

    This is absolutely crazy. In a financial climate as is currently the case, one would think that Morrisons would be championing a community spirit. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to have parking restrictions after 6pm. We used to live in Reigate and Morrisons was always our store of choice. We are now in Banstead and come to Morrisons for our main shopping. Come on Morrisons – stop being so unreasonable.

  2. Don Carter Says:

    This has got to be illegal. Has anyone told the council?

    • carparkreigate Says:

      Yes – the Council are fully aware of this whole issue. Many local residents have contacted them, and they have received a full copy of the petition with comments.
      The original restrictions in force 24 hours a day were contravening the original 1992 planning agreement

      Clause 4.1.3 of this agreement clearly states:
      “The proposed car park to be constructed as part of the development will be made available for public use at no charge outside the developer’s usual trading hours.”

  3. JSalisbury Says:

    I am a recent victim of the new Morrisons car parking policy, having received and paid the £40 fine. I received it by parking as I have done for over 15 years in the Safeway/Morrisons car park after 6pm and before 9pm.

    I signed the petition, complained to my local councillor, to Morrisons Reigate, to the Council and to Morrisons head office last week. To date I have only received the following reply from Morrisons head office, in its entirety below. She actually states that “It is regrettable that some people use our car park to shop in the town…”

    It is clear that Morrisons continue to be arrogant with car parking after 6pm, even though they were presumably forced to relax it after 9pm because of the planning restrictions. They seemingly have no intention of restoring car park use after 6pm even though local people have had established use of this car park since the early 90s, and even though there have been over 2100 signatures to ask for reinstatement of parking after 6pm.

    Morrisons Reigate must have made ££thousands from these fines, catching people out like this over the summer!

    I urge Morrison shoppers who are upset by this and who have been robbed by Morrisons because of this policy to boycott Morrisons and shop elsewhere. They need to be hit in the cash register.

    I encourage all visitors to Reigate to park in Morrisons car park (for under 2 hours) and NOT shop in Morrisons, but do all their other Reigate shopping. This to be in protest of this selfish and greedy policy. Morrisons have no way of knowing if you have shopped there or not! They do not have a ticket barrier or system for checking if you are a customer on that day. That would be a friendlier system than the horrid big brother cameras.

    I urge the Council to come down hard on Morrisons over this new policy. They are clearly acting with no consideration of Reigate itself and their neighbouring businesses, to enforce the 1992 planning agreement and encourage them to restore after 6pm parking for the good of the town.

    Text of reply dated 12 August 2009
    Dear Sir Madam
    We were sorry to learn from your recent letter of your dissatisfaction at receiving a parking charge when using our Reigate store’s car park.
    We are of the firm opinion that the car parking policy at our Reigate store is fair and it is also made clear to customers by way of notices in the car park. These notices clearly stipulate that the carpark is patrolled and failure to comply with the restrictions as set out on the notices may result in a penalty ticket. One of the restrictions as displayed on the notice clearly states that there is a maximum stay period of 2 hours in the car park. It is regretable that some people use our car park to shop in the town and this obviously causes problems for our loyal customers who are doing their shopping in store. OUr investigation and experience shows that 2 hours is deemed sufficient time for our customers to do their shopping and eat in the cafe, which is why we set a limit of a refund of 2 hours for Morrisons shoppers. I am sure that you will appreciate that we cannot make an exception and I can only apologise if the restriction was not noted at the time you parked your vehicle on this occasion.

    I hope in this short letter I have been able to explain why these car parking arrangements are necessary and that you will appreciate why, in the interest of fairness, there cannot be any exception to these arrangements.

    Thank you once again for writing to us. We are sorry that we have disappointed you and I assure you of our continued commitment to delivering the highest standard of customer care and attention at all times.

    Yours faithfully,
    Sarah Dunham, Customer Service Advisor 0854 6116111

    This reply does not address after 6pm considerations which was the point of my original letter.

  4. linda perry Says:

    I often shop at Morrisons either Caterham or Reigate – now I am afraid to go late afternoon in case we come into Reigate in the evening and it is within 3 hours – I think Morrison should consider its moral committment to local people and allow unfettered evening use of the car park as it covers a large part of the town centre! – if I know I may come into Reigate in the evening I wont shop there during the afternoon – so will have to go somewhere else – that will actually lose them trade as I cant be the only one who thinks like this.

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