New Parking “Laws” at Reigate Store to cost residents and businesses dearly – unless we get them changed!

June 6, 2009

Parking at Reigate Store has always been a problem

Parking at Morrisons in Reigate during the day has never been easy. Local residents see the parking as a community resource and while most use it responsibly there are those who use it for excessive periods. There has always been a nominal 2 – 2.5 hour parking limit but it has never been fully enforced and this has perpetuated the overall parking problem.

From May 28th 2009 “Big Brother” is watching you!

So, it is to be applauded that Morrisons has decided to tackle the problem, but the way that they have gone about verges on “Big Brother”. As of May 28 2009 cameras have been installed that track cars in and out of the car park reading their number plates as they go. If you overstay your welcome then you WILL receive a parking ticket in the post a few days later! And it will cost you £40! – £70 if you don’t pay up within 14 days and the company operating this “service” for Morrisons (Parking Eye Ltd) may charge a further £20 admin fee.

What are the new parking rules?

Put simply you have up to 2 hours of parking – it applies 24 hours per day 365 days per year. And you can’t return within 3 hours. Yes, even when the store has shut and the car park is virtually empty the 2 hour rule applies. You may think this is daft, and you would not be alone. So under the new rules you cannot park in the evening and have a leisurely drink at one of Reigate’s bars or pubs, nor have a meal at one of the restaurants unless you can guarantee to get back to your car and move it within 2 hours – or you can add £40 to the cost of your night out. The new parking rules are:

  • BAD news for local bars and restaurants – they could begin to lose trade if people stop coming to Reigate in the evenings
  • BAD news for local residents, who now face unnecessary and costly parking restrictions
  • BAD news for Morrison’s too, as many local residents are angry about this, and are saying “we’ll go elsewhere!”

Morrisons must change the parking hours rules

What we need is for Morrisons to agree to change the hours they operate the camera system – a good compromise seems to be for the 2 hour rule to be cancelled between the hours of 6pm and 8am. This will allow people to park in the car park in the evening without the threat of being ticketed. But how do we make this happen? There are a number of things you can personally do to help:

Thank you for your support. Together we can get this community problem resolved.