No More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons

Reigate has a wide range of other shops, and you will soon find there is no reason to shop at Morrisons – check out the variety of other places in Reigate meeting all your shopping needs.

Marks and Spencer – Fruit,Veg, Groceries, Bakery

Boots – Health & Beauty, Baby, Pharmacy

Martin newsagents – Newspapers, magazines, cards, giftwrap, toys

1st Stop Stationers – cards, gifts, stationery

Munch – bakery

J Bader – dry cleaning

Cook – our wonderful new addition to the High Street – selling yummy homemade meals…


Urban Kitchen
Vintage Tea House

And when you need to do a big supermarket shop, the alternatives are not that far away:

Sainsbury (Redhill & Dorking)
Tesco (Hookwood)
Waitrose (Horley & Dorking)
Asda (Burgh Heath)

Tell us your ‘Morrisons-Free’ shopping tips……

3 Responses to “No More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons”

  1. Jo Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    I haven’t shopped at Morrisons since we got an ‘evening’ ticket back in May when we went back into the car park at 6.37 p.m. after shopping there in the afternoon.
    At a weekly shop of £150 that’s well over £3000 of custom they’ve lost – hope they’re proud of themselves…
    And shopping elsewhere (Sainsbury, Redhill) has made me realise what crap Morrisons sell anyway – mouldy fruit which goes off in days and low grade meat.

  2. Su Says:

    For an absolutely brilliant hardware store, complete with two dedicted and helpful owners/staff visit ‘BETTAHOMES’ in the Dover’s Green Road shopping area in Woodhatch. They sell a myriad of wares, including: pots, pans, crockery, screws, nails, glues, wood, coal, logs, paint, household cleaning solutions, curtain tracks, plastic food containers etc, etc, ect – you name it, they’ll sell it!

    Owner Bill runs it with his grandson David and they are two of the kindest and most helpful shop owners in the locale. If you want something that isn’t displayed in the shop, they will endeavour to order it in for you. Boycott Morrisons and go that little bit further to BETTAHOMES for an ultimate shopping experience of the ‘old fashioned’ kind.

  3. Former Morrisons Shopper Says:

    I haven’t shopped in Morrisons since June when they ticketed me and refused two requests for refund.

    However I usually park there on a Saturday morning to do my other Reigate shopping. It gives me time to shop without rushing at – today – the stationery shop, getting my brows waxed at Benefit, checking out the new shop (can’t remember the name) almost next door with very nice Advent calendars and L’Occitane products!, the new Cook shop (and I will be enjoying their Dauphoise potatoes with my ethically raised Waitrose chicken later (£2.30/kg)—(Morrisons has a terrible attitude toward animal welfare by the way, they don’t care and think we don’t either)–, the Mobile Phone shop near the Tapas bar for a new Nokia battery, and took a stroll up Bell Street to look in the windows, for when I have Christmas money next month.

    I like stopping in the Coop at Woodhatch for some things. I sometimes visit the butchers there, and they have several lovely shops and essential businesses. Today I did my luxury monthly shop at Waitrose, where it had a holiday feel and I didn’t need a pound coin or token for the trolleys–in the middle of Horley-they trust their customers with the trolleys??!) where there were lots of deals – but I shop in several places, one of my favourites and worth the drive esp in summer is Flower Farm in Godstone, as I like to pick my own strawberries and sweetcorn and they have meat to die for. Usually my big shops are at Tesco Gatwick and Sainsbury Redhill.

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