Morrisons’ Hollow Promise

As reported in the Surrey Mirror last week, Morrisons have allegedly said they “have decided to change the parking time limit to allow vehicles to park when the store is closed to customers, restricted to the hours after 9 pm and before 8 am. All vehicles must be removed from site before 8 am.”

This is also confirmed by Sue’s post– she visited the Reigate store and spoke to the manager:

“He told me that the latest update (that apparently will be announced in the Surrey Mirror on Thursday) was that the cameras will be switched off at 9.00pm. This means that if you arrive after 7.00pm, you will not receive a fine. They are still looking at what to do about the return within 3 hours rule.”

However in the Surrey Mirror this week you’ll see that we’re still campaigning for cameras to be switched off, and restrictions to end at 6 p.m. which has always been our clear objective within the petition. Some people who don’t fully understand all the issues are asking ‘Why?’

The problem with 9 p.m.

Here’s what you are telling us:
  “This won’t mitigate the impact on evening traders. Morrisons have ignored the main objections in the petition”

 “Morrisons are only ‘offering’ what they are required by law to do under the terms of the original planning agreement – it’ s a sham”

“Families with young children come into town for the cinema/pizza restaurants and will still be impacted if restrictions are in force until 9 p.m.”

“The early evening trade in the bars/restaurants will be badly affected. Also bar/ restaurant staff working before 7 p.m. will no longer be able to park”
(Many females have commented that this is the only car park they would feel safe returning to later in the evening – it is open and light).
“6 p.m. would be in line with the Council car parks. It would just keep things clear and simple.”

“ Won’t be able to park there for an early evening film and drink at the cinema”

“Will affect evening events at Reigate Priory School – especially with the 3-hour rule (can’t return if you’ve been to the store in the late afternoon).  
“Bad news for Bell St gym users…won’t be able to go into town afterwards”

 “The car park is always half-empty after 6 p.m. How can Morrisons possibly claim to be ‘neighbourly’ and then continue to enforce restrictions after this time?”

  “The relaxation of restrictions by Morrisons is disingenuous. Their apparent ‘U-turn’ is nothing more than an empty gesture aimed at limiting the bad publicity. We mustn’t allow them to get away with it.”

We will continue to campaign for restrictions to lifted from 6 p.m. If people tell you this issue is now ‘resolved’ please explain to them why it is not and direct them to this page.

One Response to “Morrisons’ Hollow Promise”

  1. Colin Pattison Says:

    Although Morrisons promised to switch off the cameras at 9pm, I have received an (unfounded) parking charge notice from Morrison’s agents, ParkingEye, which claims my car was photographed leaving the car park at 10.30pm. If nothing else, this must be a public relations nightmare for Morrisons and the loss of business by shoppers going elsewhere and the bad publicity (bearing in mind the millions of pounds they spend trying to improve their image) must far outweigh any monetary gain from parking ‘fines’. Considering the on-going loss of business to local shops and restaurants, I would have thought that the council would have done more by now to remedy the situation. Maybe a demonstration outside the store by irate banner waving ex-shoppers, would have the desired effect.

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