This blog was inspired by someone who recently used the car park in the evening for a social event in Reigate (as they had done for years) and fell foul of the new parking rules – not knowing that they changed.

It occured to them that anyone in the community could similarly suffer because the change had been brought in by stealth – Morrisons made no attempt to warn customers that this change was about to occur. This is unlike the situation in Redhill when Sainsbury brought in new parking regulations in 2007. In this case customers were fully informed and there were no surprises.

But the main thing was that the evening arrangements for the Morrisons car park are crazy and will hit the whole town one way or another. This blog, the website and the petition are about sorting this problem out.

One Response to “About”

  1. Jane Spencer Says:

    I have just spent £115 in Sainsbury, Redhill. Under normal circumstances I would have spent some, if not all, of this at Morrisons, mainly because I find it convenient, due to school pick-ups, to shop there. If Morrisons could be made aware of the sums of money that individuals are choosing to spend elswhere they may rethink their car parking penalties!

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