Who IS ‘CarParkReigate’?

A few people have e-mailed us saying, “Who are you?  Who are the masked crusaders behind the campaign?”
Given that the Surrey Mirror will probably expose us later this week, we thought we’d ‘come clean’

There’s a little bit of background in the About section.

In reality there’s a virtual team busy behind the scenes:
Di – sending e-mails out, updating the blog, managing the petition, designing posters, calling Morrisons
Dave – the techie behind all the websites, blogs and emails
Helen – lobbying councillors, MPs and anyone else who’ll listen
Mel –  using her contacts to get the message out all over Reigate

and also
Local councillors who are listening to what people are saying and fighting our corner
The Surrey Mirror, who are raising the profile of the issue

AND lots of other people (only you know who you are!) who have been forwarding e-mails, tweeting, telling friends, downloading and displaying posters and attending photo calls

THANK YOU for your continued support.

(And no, Andy, we DON’T wear balaclavas…)

2 Responses to “Who IS ‘CarParkReigate’?”

  1. C Lane Says:

    A money making disgrace – Someone please tell Morrisons tha tthere is a veryy good Tesco stroe at Charlwood and an equall ygood Asda store at Burgh Heath

  2. Andy Humphrey Says:

    You could also still keep mentioning that a private company(parking eye) cannot issue fines or penalty notices, just speculative invoices that look like them in the hopes that most people will pay up, Thay cannot enforce it and the more people that realise this the better, if PE are making zero money then they would pull out eventually anyway! Don`t pay them a penny the heartless thugs fining blue badge holders etc. I got a similar from NCP and found the answer on the consumer action group website and saved me £100

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