1.45pm June 12th: 1700 signatures

We’re aiming for 2000 signatures as the next milestone. Thanks to all those who have already signed the petition, but with Morrisons yet to address the core of the petition – namely parking after 6pm – we want to continue growing the base of support. So, please if you haven’t signed the petition yet we would very much welcome your support and if you have then please can you encourage as many other people as possible to sign up. Many thanks.

2 Responses to “1.45pm June 12th: 1700 signatures”

  1. annonomouse Says:

    I would just like to point out that this car park is a Morrisons car park. Thereofre it is upto Morrisons to decide how it is run is it not?? and as for the comment regarding restruants losing business becuase of the parking restrictions. This is not a concern for Morrisons. Do the local ‘business’ contribute to the maintenance of the car park seeing as though they are using it as their car park. People need to really look at what it is they are compalining about. If people came and parked on your driveway without your permission and you installed ‘big brother’ to issue pcn’s and THEN the offenders complained… would you change your mind and let them park on your drive. Whether the store is open or not this is Morrisons car park. This is like saying when i am on holiday come and park on my drive its ok as i am not suing it at that present time…… I would love to read other peoples comments!!!!!!

  2. Mrs Scarry Says:

    I think it’s disgusting to be photographed without ones permission, and I for one will not be going to Morrison’s again to shop!

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