What are Morrisons obligations regarding the car park?

Many people who have signed the petition have commented that the supermarket was built (in 1993) on the site of a public car park (and brewery?), and as such Morrisons (as the current owners) are required to abide by agreements made with the Council at the time of the development. It is not clear exactly what these agreements are, but the Council have confirmed that Morrisons are required to discuss any proposals with them before implementing any changes to car park management. It would appear that Morrisons have not done this. Hopefully the Council will come down on Morrisons like a tonne of bricks…. Watch this space.

One Response to “What are Morrisons obligations regarding the car park?”

  1. Peter Dennis Says:

    Let’s think rationally about this; Morrisons has NO obligation to anybody but their shareholders and if they can force people to give them money for parking on land which they own, why wouldn’t they? Maybe some of the oh so wise and respected councillors quickly sold their shares in Icelandic banks and went for Morrisons shares instead?! Whatever the council said they MUST do is all in the past now; a backhander here, an executive lunch there and the profits continue to roll in. Let’s look at the facts [source – bbc website – “Supermarket chain Morrisons has said it is making “good progress” after reporting a 7% increase in annual pre-tax profits to £655m ($902m).” (Most of it from parking fines probably ;-))
    The follwoing is a perfect example of corporate mentality (maybe slightly mundane though) – Whilst doing a large weekly shop with help from a friend, I tried to buy a couple of Scotch eggs from the reduced section as we had missed lunch and were starving. It was originally a ‘buy one get one free’ offer, therefore, originally I could get two for a quid. When I watched the two breadcrumbed-smattered pig’s head flesh-balls go through the till, they registered as two reduced items at 75p each, totalling MORE than the offered fresh version two days earlier! Having argued fruitlessly with the cashier (silly me) that I was paying more for an out of date product than I would have when the items were in-date, I called for the manager. He squared up to me like I was inviting him outside for a fight, insisting that offers do not apply to reduced items (??!?) I was polite initially, logical in my explanation of the absurdity, but no, he wasn’t having it. He argued with me IN FRONT OF OTHER CUSTOMERS, so I simply walked out in disbelief, leaving him with the pile of shopping worth in excess of £90, all for the sake of 50p! Good luck with your cause, my advice would be to simply go into the shop, buy LOADS of food, queue, wait for the total then walk out, handing them an anonymous piece of paper that explains your grievance. Imagine all the time they’ll waste putting it all back, might eat into their massive profits…

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